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FTFG is a nonprofit organization committed to eradicating food insecurity in the communities we serve. We provide emergency food and supplies, education on nutrition and wellness, and support services for people living with hunger. Founded in 2009 by a church that wanted to do something about hunger in their community, FTFG has grown into a nationally recognized leader in ending hunger through outreach programs that have been replicated across the country. We're proud of what we've accomplished so far - but our work won't be finished until everyone has enough to eat!

The food giveaway started in May of 2009, in the parking lot of Faith Temple Church in Sioux Falls, SD. At the first week of the giveaway, 69 people attended the event less than 2,000 pounds of food was given away. As the weeks went on, hundreds of people showed up for the weekly giveaway. The church parking lot was filled to its capacity, resulting in people parking up to many blocks away. When the weather started to get colder in October of 2009, the giveaways were moved to the Armory Building on the campus of the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds. The building provided shelter from the extreme weather in the winter months, and the drastic heat during the summer. In 2013, the Nordstrom and Johnson families donated the funds to build a permanent structure on the campus of the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds, guaranteeing that the giveaway would be held on every Friday. In addition to physical food, at some giveaways, we also distribute items like Bombas socks, oral care items, personal care items, and other items.

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