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if you have submitted a delivery request and have not received your box,

fill out the below form.

Before submitting the form confirm that:

1. Confirm that you placed a request and/or that multiple deliveries were not submitted to the same address. We can only deliver one time per household, per event.

2. You do not live more than 10 miles away from
100 N. Lyons Blvd., Sioux Falls, SD.
We cannot deliver more than 10 miles away,

and normally if you don't live in Sioux Falls or Tea, your delivery may be outside the area.



3. The delivery was not picked up by a neighbor or someone living within your household.

We are not responsible for stolen deliveries and

can't always send a replacement depending on our in-stock quantities.

4. You're submitting this form after the date and time frame listed in the confirmation email.

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