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Madison Street Construction continues

One of the most common questions we have received via calls is, "When is the construction on Madison street going to end?" Current reports say that the construction will continue for another month or so. Because of the construction near the main entrance to the Faith Temple Food Giveaway we have had to alter the way guests and volunteers enter the giveaway each Friday.

Enter the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds from the south entrance to get to the Nordstrom/Johnson Building

The south entrance to the W.H. Lyon Fairgrounds off of 12th street and Lyon Blvd. is the route you will have to take to get to the giveaway. There will be signs and traffic attendants that will guide you. It is very important that you follow the signs and cones to correctly get to the Nordstrom/Johnson Building. Other events are happening at the same time as the giveaway and we want to make sure to not disturb the other visitors.

Thank you for your patience while construction continues on Madison street!

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